Large Serpentine Obelisk Points

Large Serpentine Obelisk Points

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Serpentine is an earthing stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration clearing the chakras and stimulating the crown chakra it opens up to psychic abilities and helps you to understand the spiritual basis of life this stone opens new pathways to the kundalini energy to rise it assists the retrieval of wisdom and regains memory of past lives.
Psychologically, serpentine helps you feel more in control of your life it corrects mental and emotional imbalances and assists the conscious direction of healing toward problem areas.

Physically Serpentine is extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood it is said to ensure longevity.
Serpentine eliminates parasites AIDS calcium and magnesium absorption and treat diabetes.
Light green serpentine is a gentle tender natured stone that brings it into contact with angelic guidance it’s excesses and integrates in the past present and future and it is excellent for past life exploration as it promotes compassion and forgiveness for yourself and what you went through holding the stone takes you into the healing rooms that exist in between-lives state* so that Healing that was not undertaken after a former life ended can be completed the stone heels and balances from past lives and cleans emotional baggage from previous relationships placed on the throat at eight speaking of the pass and results issues that can be carried into the future it is also excellent for pain relief and muscular aches and pains